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Mobile Edge Computing

Aire EdgesTM is a high performance integrated communications device with multiple connectivity options (including 5G) and multiple applications. The all-in-one product incorporates virus protection and inclusion detection. It is an ideal solution for First Responders,  industrial and mining sites, cell and public safety locations and in-building communications.

Smart EdgesTM Smart Cities Kiosks

Smart EdgesTM is a smarter digitized interactive customer experience platform that provides customized content and communications in a user-friendly kiosk. Smart EdgesTM includes information, communications, media, AI data analysis, IoT and security gateway. The customized experiential smart kiosk experience provides a menu of activities to entertain, educate and support the needs of your customers and/or the public. Best of all the AI analytics provides advertisers and managers real-time insight into the customer experience. It can be used as a hub for 5G implementation and provide data capture and analytics. Useful for retail, Smart Cities, campuses, arenas and more.

Smart LED Lighting/Security

Argent’s Smart Wide Reflection LED lighting provides a variety of security and energy saving solutions for streets and campuses. “Walk with Me” lighting  turns on as you walk along the path. Other options include gunshot detection, HD surveillance cameras and IoT sensors. The energy saving lighting can provide “almost daylight” lighting around warehouses, parking lots and more locations where security is important. Enjoy lower operating expenses, reduced emissions and remote monitoring.

Supply Chain Automation

Argent Associates’ legacy supply chain value-added experience  has led to the deployment of technology-based integrated solutions designed to control costs, increase tracking transparency, offer flexible options and ensure products get to market faster. Our experienced engineering combined with collaborative alliances offers a comprehensive slate of solutions touching nationwide warehousing/ distribution/ logistics, manufactured products, reburbish/recycle/resell and supply chain management tools. With substantial scalability and financial stability, Argent is a premier End-2-End supply chain partner.


First Responder Safety

Using Air EdgeTM technology, emergency vehicles and first responders can quickly mobilize and establish call centers (disaster recovery or emergency situations). The consolidated communication device and reduces energy consumption and space in vehicle. Has FirstNet access and routing, along with Internet and multi-carrier connectivity.



Virtual Engagement Center

Whether talking training, trade shows, employment engagement or events, virtual engagement provides an enhanced way to reach your audience. Without the limitations of venue locations, VEC delivers schedule flexibility, knowledge retention, immediate feedback and increased participation and engagement of your audience.

Building a Diverse Tech-Driven Ecosystem for the Better

Argent Associates’ vision and core values center on the development and utilization of an ecosystem of diverse businesses working with major corporations and government agencies to build better communities and economic wealth for all. This vision begins with a willingness to value the talents of others, collaborate, continuously innovate and improve, respect people and the environment and be accountable to each other.



Building an ecosystem to address specific initiatives and projects, i.e. Smart Cities, Construction Projects,  Community Development, Rural Network Connectivity, etc.


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Beatriz (Betty) Manetta Named D CEO 500 Leader
Beatriz (Betty) Manetta Named D CEO 500 Leader
Named One of the Most Influential Leaders in North Texas
Each year D CEO magazine researches, interviews and evaluates various company leaders and their impact in the North Texas region. This year, Beatriz (Betty) Manetta, CEO of Argent Associates was named one of the influential leaders as part of the Dallas 500.
Argent Technicians Earn R56 Certificates
Argent Technicians Earn R56 Certificates
ETA International Give High Accolades to Argent Technicians
The Electronics Technicians Association (ETA International)  awards the prestigious certification of R56 Installer  to three Argent technicians: Tom Azydzik, Jonathan Bober and Daniel Uribe! Only the top technicians are able to accomplish this feat.
Daniel Uribe Named the 2019 NAF Alumni Award Winner.
Daniel Uribe Named the 2019 NAF Alumni Award Winner.
NAF/Capital One Internship Program Produces Winning Ways for Argent Technician
Daniel Uribe, Lead Field Technician at Plano, Texas based Argent Associates credits the inaugural Capital One Bank’s “Future Ready Lab” internship experience for building his confidence and knowledge as he strives toward his educational and career goals.
Manetta Wins Prestigious Ford Mujer Legendaria Award
Manetta Wins Prestigious Ford Mujer Legendaria Award
Award recognizes outstanding Latinas making a difference in their community.
Betty Manetta, CEO of Argent Associates, was recently awarded the 2019 Ford Mujer Legendria Award in Leadership. Each year, Ford Motor Company selects outstanding Latinas in the United States who are contributing to their communities.
Argent Associates Donates Bags and Bikes for the Holiday Season
Argent Associates Donates Bags and Bikes for the Holiday Season
Argent Associates recently donated duffle and conference bags to the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council's Luggage Drive
Argent Associates recently donated duffle and conference bags to the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council's Luggage Drive and bikes to the "Bikes for Kids" drive in Southern California and Mexico sponsored by RealComm..

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