High Power Charging in the power-limited grid

Ultra Fast Charging without compromise

Our HPC fast charging solution for electric vehicles convinces through several special features that benefit both operators and end users.

The challenge of fast charging electric vehicles is that a lot of power has to be provided over a relatively short time. However, since the medium-voltage grid is not yet available nationwide in many areas of Germany, companies with locations in undeveloped areas have to invest a lot of money and time in upgrading the grid connection to meet the requirements of currently available fast-charging technologies.

But that’s no longer an issue, because with the HPC fast charging solution from ADS-TEC, electric vehicles can now be charged with up to 320 kilowatts of power – in the completely normal, power-limited grid.


  • Up to 320 kW charging power makes battery charging as fast as refueling 60 mi range in approx. 5 min charging time.

  • No costs for grid expansion. Simple connection to existing 400 V grid. Ready for use in only 2 months.

  • Requires only a small amount of space. Compared to solutions in the medium-voltage grid. A footprint of only 17 sq ft.

  • Future-proof investment. Thanks to ADS-TEC high-voltage technology. Compatible with 150-920 V electrical systems.