Building a FUTURE READY pipeline by preparing and diversifying the current workforce and next generation students through entrepreneurial, innovative and leadership experiences is an important part of Argent Associates.

This means…

WE BELIEVE in a commitment to creating jobs and developing next generation talent for today and tomorrow’s technology driven marketplace

WE BELIEVE in producing economic impact within underserved communities through job training and creation, expanding the utilization of M/WBE companies in our ecosystem and donating time and resources to causes we believe in.

Community Investment…

Changing the Dynamics of Our Future

Planet Mogul
Planet Mogul
The best way to predict the future is to create it. -- Peter Drucker
Planet Mogul’s primary focus is to have our youth FUTURE READY by cultivating a diverse pipeline of entrepreneurs, community leaders, innovators and a prepared workforce by teaching the art of the possible.
Smart Edges(tm) Smart Cities XCEL XPERIENCE
Smart Edges(tm) Smart Cities XCEL XPERIENCE
A Unique Interactive Digital Experience
Smart Edges(tm) Smart Cities Xcel Xperieince is driving new knowledge, exposure and change in an entertaining and educational way, while providing quantifiable marketing opportunities.
Talent Investment
Talent Investment
Building Skills for Today and Tomorrow's Needs
At Argent Associates, we are continually addressing the short supply of qualified diverse technology talent through a myriad of ongoing, in-house and educational programs designed to develop and deploy technolgists.
Virtual Engagement Center
Virtual Engagement Center
Virtual Engagement gives companies the opportunity to either excel with customers, employees and their industry.

Diverse Supplier Inclusion Is At the Heart of a Tech-Driven Ecosystem

Our Commitment to Diverse Supplier Inclusion

At Argent Associates, diversity is more than a word – it is who and what we are. It is the culture and ecosystem we continually seek to expand and enhance as we go about our business. We understand the importance of diverse thought and ideas because that is how we have developed our company. We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive environment for our customers, our employees, our suppliers and the communities in which we live, work and play.

We believe Diverse Supplier Inclusion offers the competitive advantage our business and every business need to succeed. It is an integral element for success.

Our supplier diversity Initiative seeks sustainable diverse suppliers that can help fulfill our operational requirements, stimulate economic growth in our communities and meet the expectations of our clients.

If you are interested in working with us to grow a more diverse, technology-driven ecosystem, please send us your contact information and capability statement. Our Diverse Supplier Inclusion Manager will contact you to set up a conversation and interview to evaluate your fit with Argent Associates.

Thank you for your interest and support!


Betty Manetta

Beatriz (Betty) Manetta
Argent Associates, Inc.

Helping Everyone To Win…

When we invest in the people throughout our community, everyone wins. Find out how to join the Argent Technology Ecosystem to strengthen our communities and enhance talent levels.








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