Smart EdgesTM is a smarter digitized interactive customer experience platform that provides customized content and communications in a user-friendly kiosk. Smart EdgesTM includes information, communications, media, AI data analysis, IoT and security gateway. The customized experiential smart kiosk experience provides a menu of activities to entertain, educate and support the needs of your customers and/or the public. Best of all the AI analytics provides advertisers and managers real-time insight into the customer experience. It can be used as a hub for 5G implementation and provide data capture and analytics. Useful for retail, Smart Cities, campuses, arenas and more.

SMART EDGESTM customized kiosks drive new knowledge, exposure and creativity in an entertaining way, while providing quantifiable marketing opportunities with our data capture.

Powered by proprietary AIRE EDGESTM gateway technology, the customized kiosk delivers an interactive customer experience combining the worlds of entertainment, sports, workforce development, innovation, gaming, sports and marketing.

Customers are treated to augmented reality, videos, wireless communications live streaming, 3D renderings, e-coupons, games, photos and more. These branded, shareable consumer experiences deliver fun and relevant material.

Woven into each consumer engagement is data capture, social media amplification and real time analytics, including what the consumer’s visitor/user reactions.

The SMART EDGESTM kiosks are the Internet-of-Things value proposition for any organization trying to tie the target market experience to real-time market intelligence.