Today’s technology is having an impact on every industry across the planet. Perhaps, the biggest anticipation of new technology can be seen in the Retail, City/Government, Automotive and Entertainment/Media industries.

Argent Associates is continually engaged with industry experts and leading technology entrepreneurs in examining new and different emerging technologies(?) that can and will impact the speed and performance of future businesses.

A few examples include the Smart/Resilient Cities work occurring in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and other places around the world. Smart/Resilient Cities are impacting how we look at:

  • Air Edge/Enterprise Converged Workstation (ECW – 2.0) — The choice of first responders for the ease of setup and deployment.
  • Customer Experience – Public kiosks, enhanced tourism information, events management, broadband infrastructure, citizen-centric services and eCommerce.
  • P-25 Radio Communications Upgrades — Argent is working to ensure our police and emergency responders  are connected with the highest level of communications. The P-25 certification ensures citizens can experience a safe and responsive environment.
  • Public Safety — LED lighting, smart buildings, regulations and control of precious resources, event responsiveness, water and waste management
  • Energy – smart metering, smart grid, energy storage, energy analysis and control, charging stations, alternative energy solutions
  • Transportation – public transportation monitoring and safety, intelligent parking, traffic management, fleet tracking, road condition sensing and monitoring, autonomous vehicle transporting
  • HealthCare – emergency response upgrades, remote patient diagnostics and monitoring, disease control, digitized health records

Argent Associates has been active with several areas related to emerging technology deployment and utilization

Air Edge/Enterprise Converged Workstation 2.0 (ECW)

Air Edge/ECW 2.0 combines business voice and data connectivity capabilities into one office-in-a-box.  It has all the features of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and an Ethernet broadband connection. ECW is perfect for emergency control centers.  ECW 2.0 or Air Edge is being used for Smart Cities deployment because of the ease and rapid method in making connectivity work. The ECW is supported by cell service.   It’s as simple as turning on and plugging in your phones.

Customer Experience

Also a part of smarter cities, Argent’s public kiosk solution provides enhance tourism opportunities and information. The infrastructure and kiosks solutions are bringing a whole new interactive life to campuses, cities and transportation hubs. Argent is expanding the marketplace, collaborating on various solutions and bringing exciting customer experiences to communities around the country.

Public Safety Radio Communications Upgrade —  Argent Associates is working on with Motorola for the City of Dallas.


Argent will continue to use talented and experienced IT teams to imagine the possibilities of smarter technologies and their impact upon businesses and communities..

Outdoor Public Safety Solutions

Smart cities start with smart technologies.  Smart technologies enable sustainability, cost reduction, revenue generation and economic prosperity.

Argent, along with our ecosystem of partners, provides technology solutions that deliver on the promise of smart cities.   Through the engineering and deployment of digital infrastructure, we transform lights into IT, Sensory and Security information systems supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Smart LED lights transform simple street lighting into a digital infrastructure network that delivers smart cities capabilities today!

  • Day or Night Vehicle Traffic Information
  • Public Safety notifications
  • Emergency & Crime Detection
  • Public Wi-Fi Expansion
  • 2-Way communications intervene & engage
  • IoT reach into meters, weather, seismic
  • Cost avoidance through IoT Analytics
  • Improved public access to city services
  • Digital community identity/branding
  • More analytics for city planning
  • Open API for future development
  • Cloud based platform

Energy Solutions

  • EnTouch Energy Monitoring & Environmental Control.
  • LED Lights as a Services (LaaS)
  • LED outdoor lighting with security
  • Electrical System Protection
  • Vertical Wind Turbines