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Argent Associates imagines a smarter, connected, technology-empowered world that increases the performance of business enterprises of all sizes across a variety of industries. Technology is making more things possible and Argent Associates is  on the leading edge of continually assessing and delivering practical smart solutions for today’s world. From a tradition of asset and network management, we have evolved into a company transforming supply chains, business processes, environmental/safety and network connectivity with NexGen  technology solutions. We are focused on empowering our customers to recreate their businesses and drive economic growth in our communities.




Energy, Utilities

Asset Management & Supply Chain Optimization

Enhanced Public Safety


Smart City

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Enhancing Public Safety with Upgraded Radio Communications

Argent is part of the winning Motorola team upgrading the City of Dallas radio communications. “This is amazing opportunity for Argent to use our expertise to bring the best practices and systems to the City of Dallas,” said Beatriz (Betty) Manetta, CEO of Argent Associates.

Argent Associates Procurement Solutions Match Inventory to Just-in-Time Needs

Are you paying for assets that will not be installed for some time? Is your inflated inventory decreasing your bottom line? Argent Associates is helping energy/utility companies optimize their supply chain through Inventory On Demand (IOD) management process.

Supporting Manufacturing Efforts with Kitting, Boxing and Delivery

When a client needed  immediate emergency pickup, assembly, boxing, labeling and delivery of manufactured products to its destination, Argent Associates was able to handle the request in record time. Argent provides skilled assembly, kitting, handling and shipping to meet the needs of any manufacturer.

Creating Innovative Proprietary Products 

Q-Portal is a subscription-based solution developed by Argent Associates designed to help enterprises to manage quality compliance, reporting and tracking in real-time. With Q, quality is easy to learn and use. Q-Portal meets the requirements for ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OSHA 18001 and R2. It makes ISO & R2 certification simple.


Argent Associates is celebrating its 20th year anniversary of successfully creating and deploying innovative technology solutions to meet customer needs. The firm is focused on helping businesses gain a competitive advantage through technology and providing responsive mobile connectivity to the masses. Our varied solutions include supply chain procurement, distribution and optimization, emerging technology integration, Big Data analytics, mobility and creative quality software solutions.

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Industry perspectives provide insight into the major trends and challenges facing companies within the industry. Argent regularly review these trends and examines where opportunities exist in order develop and provide solutions for business development.

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Awards & Recognition

Argent Associates is among the most awarded and honored M/WBE companies in the USA. We are particularly proud to have won numerous awards as Supplier of the Year from top Fortune 100 companies. This is a testament to the Argent team’s focus on excellence, innovative solutions and meeting the needs of our clients.