The Telecommunications Industry has been in a upheaval for several years. Players in the industry must determine where they have a competitive edge and focus your strategy on them.  Some are headed to building better, faster networks (5G) and others are betting on content connection to hold customers. Others are betting on a combination of both. Participants, which offer apps and streaming content directly to consumers through the Internet, have increased their dominance, even in core communication services such as messaging and voice.

Argent provides a host of services for the telecommunications industry related to building out the network to handle 5G and continued throughput demand. We provided services including testing, integration and support services.

Integration Services

  • Product/System Assembly
  • Product/Component/Software Testing
  • LAN/WAN?LTE Configuration
  • Features Customization
  • SIP /Service Phone Configuration
  • Soft Phone Configuration
  • Firmware & Software Upgrades
  • System Testing
  • System Training
  • On-site Installation
  • Enterprise Network Integration
  • RMA Management

Support Services

  • Value Added Resller
  • Supply Chain Support (Warehousing and Logistics)
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Remote & On-site Troubleshooting
  • Performance Analytics
  • Technical Trouble Resolution
  • Remote Security Audit
  • Antispam / Antimalware Updates
  • Remote Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Firmware & Software Upgrades
  • System Backup
  • Quality Portal

In addition, Argent is developing its own set of apps that can benefit businesses and their connectivity to the Internet of Things. More is on the way!

Past Performance Examples

Fujitsu : TERI (Trailing Edge of Ring Indicator)

  • Multi-OEM Product Integration
  • Rack Wiring & Configuration
  • DC Power Configuration

Starry : Millimeter Microwave

  • MM Microwave to Cisco Config
  • 2 Stage switching fabric Conffig
  • WiFi Integration

Global Resale: Cell Phones

  • Cell phone returns testing
  • Phone Unlocking
  • Factory Resets

Gigatera/KWM : Integrated LED

  • LTE/WiFi Mesh integration
  • E911 & P25 Integration (Enhanced Public Safety)

CiviQ : Smart Cities Kiosks

  • LTE/Mesh Networks Integration
  • IOT Sensors to AI Engine

Motorola: P25 Radio

  • Dallas PD/FD P25 Radio Firm-ware upgrades & installation