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Today, technology is having an impact on every industry across the planet. Argent Associates is continually engaged with industry experts and leading technology entrepreneurs to examine new and different emerging technology that can and will impact the speed and performance of future businesses.

We design, engineer, install and optimize IT (LAN/WAN) and in-building wireless networks. We support Service Providers, Enterprise, Government & Commercial property owners with Small Cell, BDA’s, Distributed Antenna Systems, P25 and Wi-Fi networks deployments.  Whether it’s a Mall, Retail Store, Train Station, or a 60-story building, we design to meet the property profile and coverage requirements. We use the latest technologies to deliver fast, high-quality services.

Our team consists of the following:

  • Engineers: RF and IT Engineers responsible for design and engineering of wireless networks, including propagation analysis, cabling infrastructure and vulnerabilities assessment.
  • Project Managers: Responsible for resource scheduling and project On-time Delivery.
  • Level 3 & 2 Technicians: Responsible for system installation.
  • Quality & Safety Managers: Responsible for quality KPI, compliance and safety.
  • Help Desk Tech Support: 24/7 Tech support for customer questions and issues.
  • Drone Operators: Responsible for Drone piloting and maintenance.
  • System Commissioners: Responsible for turn-up and testing of wireless networks.
  • Project Accountant: Responsible for issuing Purchase Orders, Invoice Processing, Expense tracking and Project P&L Reporting.

Find out how our team of experienced technologists can provide support to enhance your legacy and digital systems transformation.