Technology alone does not drive digital transformation. Rather, businesses must reshape how they use technology to find more efficiencies and opportunities for collaboration. Our Smart Edges(tm) platform combines voice, data and IoT communications with data analytics to deliver interactive services, security and smart features for better customer experiences and business processes.

Argent Associates is empowering how we access, connect and experience our world. We are helping connect agile networks that can scale and grow as digital solutions progress. Argent has positioned itself and its solutions to help their clients generate revenue, improve the customer experience and control the costs of connectivity. Secure end-to-end devices, network-to-cloud connectivity and Smart Edges(tm) is ensuring enterprise data is fully utilized for real-time decision making related to security, traffic analysis, parts/components failure, IoT analytics and much more.

Did you know, according to one study, we spend 69% of our workday on communications-based activities, and 60% of that time is spent away from our desks. This plays a critical role in how we make decisions, bring new products and services to market and provide a better customer experience. A key goal of digital transformation is to improve communications and collaboration in your organization. Smart Edges(tm) helps us communicate and collaborate better.

Smart Edges(tm) is important because it:

  • Improves the customer experience.
  • Increases productive time of technical staff.
  • Improves the amount and quality of information available to those servicing assets or customers.
  • Encourages users to engage with each other more frequently.

When standing still is not an option…connect your business to Argent Associates!