Retail is not what it used to be. Brick and Mortar locations have long since found it harder and harder to maintain a steady revenue stream and online/mobile presence is an essential. Plus, it not just about the shopping experience – it’s about the buying experience too. When the product arrives is almost as important (especially to the millennial population) as it is to what the product actually looks like. In addition, with various rating companies, success and/or failure can happen in a moment with just the click of a button.


  1. Showrooms which can utilize brick and mortar AND deliver the customer experience, especially for differentiated products
  2. Providing customers a seamless purchasing experience no matter where they buy – online or in store
  3. Fewer sales staff who are skilled and attentive closers


  • Training related to upgrading sales staff for showrooms
  • Data analysis to define showroom-worthy products
  • Optimization of total purchase experience from browsing online, in-store/showroom experience, add-ons and delivery

 Argent Associate Solutions

  • Assembly, Pick and Pack for shows and specialized experiences
  • Handling of distribution overflow (seasonal products)
  • Reverse logistics for returns
  • Big Data analytics
  • Improved customer experience surveys
  • Automation/digitalization of back office