The healthcare of today is requiring fresh looks at how we handle data, valuing preventative and medical treatments and empowering patients to better understand and question their treatment. The industry, like many others touched by technology, is being required to do more to improve the patient experience.


  1. Utilization of more technology (AI, VR and mobilization) to reach, teach and help patients manage their conditions.
  2. More and more requirements to utilize data analytics. People are more than willing to provide more information about their medical care and impact of drugs if they believe it will lead to better care for all.
  3. Use of technology newly approved equipment such as miniature implants, vital signs tracking devices, remote monitoring biosensors, and noninvasive diagnostics.


  • Shortages of data analysts in the healthcare field creates opportunity for further automation and remote analysis.
  • Increasing security processes of medical records and data
  • Use of apps to stay in touch with patients, survey them daily about their pain levels and other symptoms, and remind them of their prescribed medication schedules.

Argent Associates Solutions

  • Track and trace products that ensure components from drugs has visibility in the supply chain and a proper chain of custody exists.
  • Data is king and Argent knows data center efficiencies. We help companies establish and upgrade data centers with the latest technologies and security.

  • Telemedicine solutions that allow medical personnel to work with patients in remote and rural areas, thus giving them improved treatment and service. This also allows for more patient efficiencies when they can’t travel or get to the physician.