Enhancing Public Safety with Upgraded Radio Communications

Argent Associates Part of Winning Motorola Team

Wins City of Dallas Radio Communications Replacement Project Contract

Argent Associates is part of the Motorola team chosen by the City of Dallas for their Radio Communications Replacement Project. The bids awarded on December 13, 2017 and budgeted at $48.4 million over a 30-month period, is for the installation and replacement of old and unsupported radio communications equipment and systems.

This is Phase 3 of an overall project that will make the City’s communication 100% P25 compliant (Public Safety Standard). The 40-year old analog system had not been refreshed in 20 years, when the City decided in 2012 to replace it. The old system was susceptible to security breaches and had inadequate inside building coverage. The new system provides enhanced public safety and first responder services, additional GPS location services, encrypted communications and interagency exchanges. After Phase 2 of the installation of the radio communication systems, there were still approximately 52 outlier locations that needed to be replaced and upgraded. The awarded contract will review these sites and design and implement the upgrades and/or replacements.

Argent Associates will perform the site walks to analyze and determine requirements for each location. The Argent team will also manage the procurement of Motorola equipment required to deploy at the locations. This includes site buildings (if appropriate), tower equipment, radio transmitter racks, generators, etc. In addition, the Argent team will procure dispatch consoles, car radios and portable radios needed for the City. Argent will handle any assembly work necessary for the installation of the radio transmitter racks, cabling and connection for sites and buildings.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Argent to use our expertise to bring the very best services and systems to the City of Dallas,” said Beatriz (Betty) Manetta, CEO of Argent Associates. “We are excited to work with Motorola and to be an integral part of the overall team.”

Argent Associates is currently working to obtain grants and funding support to provide technology skillset training as part of the project. The team will need additional field personnel trained in cabling, network testing, and RF communications installations.

“This gives us an excellent opportunity to develop and expand the training of minorities,” said Manetta. “We want to have real impact in the community and will be concentrating on bringing more southern Dallas and minority candidates into the training sessions. Our objective is to increase the number of minorities skilled in cabling, installation and networking.”

The Motorola/Argent team has begun to outline its work plans for this overall project, as well as to determine the initial sites. The projected 30-month project is anticipated not only to bring state-of-the-art radio communications to the City of Dallas, but also to create jobs and training in a much-needed field.