Like many content providers, media and movie companies can attest to, it’s all about the fans. That is true in sports, entertainment, media, gaming and much more associated with this industry.


  1. No longer just content — now moving toward “fan-centric” experiences, interacting directly with fans and fan experience (i.e. sports, retail brands)
  2. Developing owned and operated showcase destinations, and using partner platforms (Social media) to reach fans
  3. Monetizing the fan experience through different advertising models


  • Mining the data to determine what fans want and how to give it to them.
  • Creation of showcase distribution experiences (often with a 3rd party)
  • Organizingand outsourcing operations to be fan-centric and cost conservative

Argent Associate Solutions

  • Data collection efficiencies and data analytics
  • Product deployment
  • Augmented reality equipment and programming
  • Streamlined eCommerce website procurement