Everywhere around the world energy and utility companies are being pushed to innovate with technologies that reduce our dependence, while controlling costs to improve their financial performance. And, while there is a decrease in utilization due to less intensive energy-consuming industries, automation has pushed the need for connectivity and power at a even faster pace.

The Trends

  1. Increase demand by consumers for applications and technology that helps them monitor and control their energy usage.
  2. Demand for more storage battery options.
  3. The rapid demand of home monitoring devices.

The Opportunities

  1. Buildup of more consumer-to-utility relationships – retailism
  2. Introduction of more new technologies — battery storage, microgrids, analytics software, and intelligent substations
  3. Development of more real-time business models, incorporating data analytics and pricing strategies tailored to energy-related services for consumers and businesses

Argent Solutions

  • Predictive analytics of data
  • Access to operational technology data
  • Physical tracking of assets
  • Monitoring critical raw materials for market hedging
  • EnTouch Energy Monitoring & Environmental Control devices for consumers
  • LED Lights as a Services (LaaS)
  • LED outdoor lighting with security
  • Electrical System Protection
  • Vertical Wind Turbines